Teaser brought to you by Management Paradise. Finally, it would be necessary to refer to clause At the time when the restructuring agreement was entered into, parties confined the sale of the Defendants’ holding to the extent of Grasim’s proposals were contained in letters dated 15th and 17th June Kuoni Travels India Pvt. Career in International Hotel Management. Updated in Last Week:

Unitedworld school of Business. Teaser brought to you by Management Paradise. The Scheme of Arrangement which was presented to and sanctioned by the Company Court was expressly on that basis. The Plaintiffs seek specific performance of an agreement by which the Defendants agreed, according to the Plaintiffs, to sell their shareholding of 9,62, shares in the First Plaintiff which, together with the accretion of bonus shares totals up to 19,25, shares. The order passed by SEBI inter alia recorded thus:. The percentage of equity shares proposed to be acquired was stated to be 0.

The parties envisaged in the Restructuring agreement that the Second Plaintiff would acquire from the Defendants This would have brought down Grasim’s direct stake in the cement business to about 3.

Finance Case Study – A Takeover Battle – Grasim vs. L&T – Case Study, Case Studies

The first and foremost reason was survival. His tenacity in holding off the bids, and his tendency to extract positives from negative situations, made friends of Mr. Birla and earned him their respect. Grasim responded to the condition on 4th August The Restructuring agreement was the foundation of the Scheme of Arrangement which was presented before this Court.


The man who took on Ambani, Birla to ‘save’ L&T – The Hindu

Submit Please enter a valid email address. Grasim was both a purchaser and a seller – it was to purchase 8. The balance of the shares in the case which constitute 0. The Plaintiffs have in fact, in acse alternative, quantified their claim in damages. At this stage, to facilitate a prima facie evaluation of the merits, it would be necessary to emphasize the element of mutuality involved in the proposed transaction.

Finally, it would be necessary to refer to clause On the question of limitation, no opinion need be expressed at this stage.

grasim vs l&t case study

Also they made Birlas sell approx. The story of that battle is quite thrilling but not the subject matter of this case. Restructuring was an original idea by Mr. Deal makes Guj Ambuja most valuable cement co.

grasim vs l&t case study

So, we said we will be fair to each other; we will create win-win partnership and we shook hands on that and we moved on. Acquisition of Betapharm by DRL.

It was after the transfer of You are currently logged in to Facebook. On 23rd Octobera communication was addressed on behalf of the Plaintiffs by Shri N. You know what you have achieved: It has been stated that on an average about 13 lakh shares of the scrip are being traded every day representing approximately 0.


More importantly, we have been in tough situations together.

Grasim, thus, had to shell out Rs. Updated in Last Week: The restructuring agreement was to set up the frame work of the entire transaction. A Takeover Battle – Grasim vs. Meetings were held and as Counsel appearing for the Plaintiffs has submitted, drafts were exchanged.

grasim vs l&t case study

India high on Innovation. Grasim, accordingly, withdrew its appeal before SAT.

The man who took on Ambani, Birla to ‘save’ L&T

Kishorilal Gupta ; Citi Bank N. In the reply filed by Shri Rathi to the Notice of Motion, it has been stated that the internal file note of the Plaintiffs was e-mailed by Shri Sivaraman on behalf of the First Plaintiff to him. In or aboutthe First Defendant “Grasim” held