Next Keys to Success: I usually say paraphrased that the scramble is like the start of high school, everything appears to be a mess and you don’t know where to start. ShadenSmith Member May 13, I’ve thought basically I could relate the cube to life or school, and talk a little bit at each step solving, and I’d finish it at the end. Leave a Reply Cancel reply You must be logged in to post a comment. I hope it helps.

It’s a really fun and addicting puzzle that you can solve it in so may ways with. I’ve actually done that exact thing on dates before. Then do the following move: TimMc Premium Member May 12, There are many other categories of solving cubes like solving a 2×2, where you have 4 blocks on each side, 4x4s, 5x5s, computer 6x6s, up to 20×20 computer cubes. Look around the cube for white corner pieces.

spedch Rubik’s Cube Fan said: Then, I solve the entire first layer, by inserting the the corners. Ethan Rosen Guest May 13, Want to get a price estimate for your Essay? Your perspective is always the most important.

graduation speech rubix cube

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Rubik’s Graduation Speech?

If you have a white corner piece on the top you have to memorize a move. Now look at the other color that is adjacent to the white on rubis side, not top.


graduation speech rubix cube

I’d really like some help with speech ideas, since I need a final copy presented to an assistant principal at my school by May 23 for approval.

You can choose no to acknowledge this, but in my mind it will graduatiion be true, for that is my puzzle. Look around the cube for white corner pieces. I am in my Senior year of high school now, and I want to give a speech at graduation cune involves the cube in some way. Do the same steps with the other white pieces.

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This planet is filled with billions of people, each holding their own cube to life, trying to figure out how best complete their own puzzle. Now each white piece should still be matched to the same color center piece.

You also might want to say: You must be logged in to post a comment. Rgaduation, I like all the responses. Mine wasn’t about life as such though, i graduaion talking about Jesus, and i explained how we aren’t solved cubes that are perfect, that’s what JC is.

Click here to work with me personally PS: TimMc Premium Member May 12, The official world record is 8. Up clockwise, to degrees, then right goes right back down.

You want to match up the, say white blue piece to the blue center piece and the white red piece to the red center piece and so on. ShadenSmith Member May 13, Get speeech square-1 or something and say how even though it’s ‘flawed’, it’s still equally interesting.


The Valedictorian Speech that will change your life

I’m not sure if that’ll work too well, because a cube is small, and a crowd of people won’t easily see it. Try your best to end the solve on “lessons” I’d recommend making that sound more eloquent, however. Then you want to make sure the white piece is matched up with spefch bottom white center piece and flip the from face degrees clockwise.

graduation speech rubix cube

Joined May 12, Messages 3 Likes 0. Thread starter gpr Start date May 12, I would just say the steps in solving the cube. Look around the cube for white edge pieces, not corner pieces but pieces that outline the cross shape.

My best times are around 50 sec-1 minute, so I would still consider myself a beginning cuber, but it’s something I really like to do. Now, I solve the second layer, by inserting the edges. Members Current visitors New profile spdech Search profile posts.