Anecdote An anecdote is a short and amusing or interesting story about a real event or person. Make notes The human memory is imperfect, especially when it comes to exact numbers. This is not your autobiography! While I was in Tagaytay, It was nice seeing a lot people enjoying the view and taking pictures with their families. There are three elements: We highly recommend you to divide the text into paragraphs with headings. Last April 16, me and my parents decided to go to Tagaytay.

Tell the story of your trip, from start to finish. Download ppt “Travelogue, Travel Guide, Postcard”. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. For me this was the best activity I have ever experienced. Thate Antoinette Bacarac Maristela Oct 18, Our writers have also prepared a good travel blog example with comments for you, as well as travel journal ideas. Tell the truth You are not a mother who tells her children fairy tales about unicorns and Santa Claus.

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Travelogue, Travel Guide, Postcard – ppt video online download

There might be even more! Must-visit list Provide your readers with an exhaustive list of all interesting places they should visit. It was fun and relaxing yet painful because of the impact of water. The name and location of the receiver. Koktebel Tags No tags.


example of travelogue essay tagalog

Cause and Effect Essay Examples. Semi-formal Tribute How to Write Tribute.

example of travelogue essay tagalog

After the cliff diving we decided to take some photos in the island. Academic Recommendation Letter Examples. Readers should easily follow your thoughts without googling every minute.

Travelogue: BORACAY

As imposible as I thought it would be, I was still shivering under the countless number of layers I had on, as the icy, cruel wind blew onto my already frozen face. Next Post Next Personal Narrative: Seasonal differences If you visit the place just once, try to talk with locals about climate, major seasonal events, and a number of tourists during the year.

Add only interesting cultural and historical facts and avoid too many dates. We strongly believe exampel your talent and writing skills, along with our instructions, will help you to produce a truly brilliant travel blog.

Travelogue: A trip to Baguio City

Samples Example of Travelogue: This site uses cookies. Persuasive How to Write Persuasive. Its primary goal is to entertain readers, so we can classify it as creative writing.


Analytical Research Paper Examples. On our first day we stayed in a quaint hostel on Paris’ infamous Tagakog Bank We wish you ewsay luck! And if I will again have the opportunity to go back in Boracay I will still be glad, willing, and excited.

Travelogue: A trip to Baguio City – inote

Choosing Your New Home: We got home, safely. Attach video and audio materials A travelogue accompanied by video and audio materials looks fuller and more credible.

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How to Create a Travelogue Step by Step There are no strict guidelines on how to write a travel blog. Letter of Intent Examples. Creative writing Autobiography How to Write an Autobiography.

Commas in English Writing. This is not your autobiography!