The difference between an aggregation and a regular association is often a judgment call. This causes several problems, including employees being unable to quickly locate other employees, company mailings being sent to the wrong addresses, payroll checks that cannot be delivered, paper-based company telephone books that are out of date almost as soon as they are printed, and less than ideal United Way and Savings Bonds contributions. However,by making them separate entities we can assure that spelling is consistent for all records and provide the user interface with dropdown controls to lookup the values. User clicks on detail link for an employee. Another alternative is to start with this data model for Milestone but add addition requirements,such as the Milestone Advanced Option and require that students revise the data model accordingly.

Salary Employee An employee who is paid a salary. Include partitions for the actor and the system. Information changes are submitted via forms and then have to be keyed into the system by an administrator,thus creating a lag time before the data in the system is current. The Employee,SalaryEmployee,HourlyEmployee and ContractEmployee entities generalization hierarchy entities must all hava the same primary key. Students should realize that based on additional interviews they may need to revise this matrix to reflect new problems, opportunities, directives, and changes in their understanding of urgencies and priorities.

For complaints, use another form. If the user selects the option to return to the list of employees,the use case returns to step4.

Make sure students specify primary keys that uniquely identify the entities as well as use proper names for the keys. Hardcopy telephone book,published quarterly,becomes quickly out of date. Employees unable to quickly locate solutins employees, company mailings being sent to the wrong addresses, and payroll checks unable to be delivered.


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Exss and Effects 1. Include partitions for the actor and the system. None Need to verify which information should and should not be displayed. Often users will stress that everything is top priority.

Case study ESSS milestone 05 data model normalization

Request Date The date of a Miscellaneous Sudy request. For background information on each use case, see the meeting transcript in Exhibit 3. Thirdly, you will draw event diagrams to model individual processes. Draw appropriate primitive data flow diagrams.

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Student solutions will vary depending on their sequence diagrams. If a site was purchased,all of its buildings would be added to the system. Logically group events to create an event decomposition diagram. The following diagram illustrates one possible solution. The user will fill in search criteria for one or more of the on-screen options. Finally you will construct a system so,utions flow diagram that shows the big picture of the system, and a primitive data flow eses for a single event process.

Students should understand that all system models are living documents that are often revised. The first name, middle name, last name, and nickname of an employee.

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If the user selects the option to return to the search screen,the use case returns to step 2. It is recommended that you identify what you consider good and perhaps unique screen designs by different students and present them to the class. The diagram beloe includes foreign keys,assuming implementation in a relational database. The year for which a United Way contribution applies.


You now need to build the corresponding process models. It also stressed that Jack Mills expects the system to help solve the United Way and Savings Bond participation problem. This system would provide the capability for employees to maintain their own information regarding address and telephone number changes,beneficiary changes,United Way and other deductions.

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This use case describes the event of updating Staffing Dept pay rates,job title,and supervisor for employees.

Optional Merge your event diagrams from 3 above into a System Diagram.

esss case study solutions milestone 2

The use case is initiated when the user selects this option from the user interface. The system must provide a searchable online company directory. The full name of a department. The system should provide managers with the tools to monitor United Functional Way participation activity.

esss case study solutions milestone 2

edss An Employee will make zero or more UnitedWayContributions zero or one each year. Cost of maintaining and operating current mainframe system excessive.

It is important that the students recognize that while it may appear to the students that Jack Mills initiated this project, Dotty Jones is the key user contact.