The difference in demographically targeted recruitment and placement between these sects has not been evaluated. Their main aim is imposition of Shariyat and aggravation of Jihad in the name of religion Roy, In reality, few studies that have been conducted have found that only a small minority of madrasas are involved in such activities and not all madrasas in Pakistan are poisoning the minds of youth. An important aspect which is never discussed in international arena. What processes of accountability can be established, that ascertain a constant flow of communication between the authorities and the madrasas? Building for the Future , Robert M.

Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link. All of this resulted in the formation of the Taliban in Afghanistan, and extremists groups in Pakistan, which led to the production and spread of sectarianism and violence as each act of sectarian killing provoked a cycle of revenge killings. Even in the Indian Sub-continent, Muslim rulers established madrasas and also devised new teaching methods, curriculum and educational policies. This place was called Suffa. The popular mandate is very hard to achieve due to international events and the death of hundreds of Muslims in Afghanistan. In some areas of Pakistan they outnumber the underfunded public schools.

This rapid expansion came at the expense of doctrinal coherence as there were not enough qualified teachers to staff all the new schools. Most madrasas do not teach secular subjects. All of this resulted in the formation of the Taliban in Afghanistan, and extremists groups in Pakistan, which led to the production and spread of sectarianism and violence as each act of sectarian killing provoked a cycle of revenge killings.

What are some of the codes of ethics that will be acceptable to both the government and the madrasa administrators? Commission on Human Rights It is important to note that most of these teachers do not acquire any formal training in education and receive their own religious education from within the madrasa system. With financial support from Saudi Arabia, Deobandi madrasas were part of this vast proliferation in religious education, much of it located in Afghan refugee camps that sprang up in the s.


Foreign Policy in Focus. However, this all was done by Musharraf to extend his regime in the country and in response to pressure from Washington.

Madrassah Education in Pakistan Some Insights – Jahangir’s World Times

Building for the FutureRobert M. Government offered financial and technical assistance to madrasas for their batter role in society Butt, For the Sunnis, the majority sect in Esswy, madrasas are divided among Deobandis, Barelwis and Ahl-e-Hadith sub-sects. Actual number of foreign students is generally perceived to be much higher than this. At the intermediate level, English, Economics, Pakistan Studies, and Computer Studies shall be made edufation integral part of the madrasa curriculum.

In Octoberthe government succeeded inking an agreement with ITMP for the introduction of contemporary subjects in seminaries in their metric and intermediate courses. Madrassah Education in Pakistan Some Insights. Not much effort has been generated to kadrasa the true nature of madrasa, and the reasons for its continued existence. For instance, some temples in India offer medical services in the form of inoculation campaigns, and are willing to allow the government to use their premises for creating awareness on health issues.

Musharraf tried to introduce an element of nominal control. Autumn Islamist groups and madrasas in Pakistan. It was also reported that one of the bombers was trained at a Pakistani madrasa. Another student expressed hatred against USA and his eagerness to fight against Americans.

essay on madrasa education in pakistan

So the same American university has been given the task of removing glorified references to the Mujahideen, 11 under the cover of educational reforms. The approach of pakisatn State under Pervez Musharraf saw extensive elaboration of madrasa policy and a shift from Islamisation to Modernisation of the institution.

The envisioned program aimed at facilitating the introduction of modern subjects such as English, Mathematics, Pakistan Studies, Social Studies and General Sciences, from the dssay to the secondary level.


essay on madrasa education in pakistan

Log In Sign Up. The establishment of religious theocracy in Iran caused proliferation of Shia madrasas in Pakistan. A US diplomatic cable expressed alarm that Saudi Arabian-financed madrassas were fostering “religious radicalism” in “previously moderate regions of Pakistan” [16] as children from impoverished families were sent to isolated madrassas, and once there often recruited for “martyrdom operations”.

An important aspect which is never discussed in international arena.

A madrasa university is called Dar Ul Ulum, usually having hundreds of students a eessay school, a Maktab, up to fifty studentsand an integrated school with various levels is simply called a madrasa.

However, these model madrasas were not accepted by the majority as they were perceived to be reforms initiated at the behest of the West or the USA.

Madrasa Education in Pakistan: In the Context of Government Policy

One can very well state that there has been a deviation in the nature and character of madrasa over a considerable period of time. However, the formal institution of Madrassah was established in Baghdad under the patronage pakixtan Nizamul Mulk Toosi, ij was the vizier of Seljuk rulers. The nuance of madrasa has kept changing through the ages. The cause and effect of the above mentioned points, have given scope and reason to the international community for demonising Islam.

For example, officials with the Lashkar-e-Taiba ‘s charity wing, Jamaat-ud-Dawatravelled to Saudi Arabia seeking donations for new schools, vastly inflating the schools costs to the donors — then siphoned off the excess money to fund militant operations. In Junethe government drafted the Deeni Madaris Voluntary Registration and Regulation Ordinance and passed it through the federal cabinet but it could not be promulgated due to strong resistance from the Madaris.