It is, however, a difficult challenge to create the institutional systems and delivery mechanisms required for providing the technical back-up and support to the village community for preparing the water management plans. Retrieved 23 May Interlinking of rivers in India was proposed for the first time during British Colonial rule. Inter-state trans-boundary water-related conflicts may become inter-country. A Preliminary Evaluation M. Unless a satisfactory solution is found to this, any move in the implementation of the project would prove counter-productive. The apex court of India has issued reality tv essay thesis a directive to the government of India to interlink these rivers Interlinking of rivers will generate essays, letters.

By , a different political alliance led by Congress Party was in power, and it resurrected its opposition to the project concept and plans. This project is the first ever inter-state river linking project in India. Retrieved 23 May The proposal was modified to intra -basin development as opposed to inter -basin water transfer. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

Interlinking of Rivers is nothing but joining the rivers of the country by networks of canals and reservoirs. Rainwater harvesting in many small ponds through jndia of bunds can-also add to water availability.

Indiw Project Water export Pollution of the Ganges. SinghInterlinking of Rivers in India: Karunanidhi said the government should make an assessment of the project’s feasibility starting with the south-bound rivers. Also some benefits of flood control would be achieved. BJP -led NDA government of Atal Bihari Vajpayee had propagated the idea of interlinking of rivers to deal with inrerlinking problem of drought and different parts of the country at the same time.

Also the flo of raw materials could be a bit easier.

Interlinking of Rivers

Many states have proposed for interlinking of rivers due to scarcity of water in their states and hence the central government is working on a few projects. The average rainfall in India is about 4, billion cubic metres, but most of India’s rainfall comes over a 4-month period — June through September.


There is significant potential for increasing the overall utilisable water through methods like: Opponents are concerned about knowledge gap on environmental, ecological, social displacement impacts as well as unseen and unknown risks associated with tinkering with nature.

Channelising and interlinking the rivers might help to distribute the water to less water supply states and avoid flood situation in others with heavy rainfall.

Essays on interlinking of rivers in india

The project would involve huge displacement of people with attendant loss of property and productive assets. The average rainfall in India is about 4, billion cubic meters. Due to the creation of Canals and Reservoirs, huge amount of area which is occupied by the people will be submerged leading to displacement of people and government will have to spend more to rehabilitate these people.

Canals un be built rssay transfer surplus water from the eastern tributaries of the Ganga to the west.

Up toIndia had built over storage dams with an aggregate capacity of billion cubic meters. Water storage above ground through dams and diversion through weirs low dams built across the river to raise the level of water upstream interlinkingg regulate its flow are the conventional means.

The central government of India, from through riverss, instituted a number of committees, rejected a number of reports, and financed a series of feasibility and impact studies, each with changing environmental law and standards.

The main occupation of rural India is agriculture and if monsoon fails in a year, then agricultural activities come to a standstill and this will aggravate rural poverty.

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This is possible with the internet broadband connectivity expected to reach all over India in the Eleventh Plan. Is inteflinking driverless cars in India a right move?


essay on interlinking of rivers in india

Also, the cannals require a huge lanmd space which could cost the forest land, human populated zone or agricultural land. River inter-linking is claimed to be a possible means of assured and better irrigation for more farmers, and thus better food security for a growing population.

essay on interlinking of rivers in india

Rivees at inter,inking some inter-link projects, neighboring countries such as Bangladesh may be affected, and international concerns for the project must be negotiated. In the s, Dr. The syndrome of drought and floods in hampering the required growth in agriculture and inter-linking of rivers offers an effective solution to the problem. Induced recharge is an effective management tool to meet the gap between demand and supply in areas adjacent to rivers with active flood plains.

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NWDA has produced many reports over 30 years, from through Though the interlinking of river programme is the most ambitious anti-poverty measure ever conceptualised by the Indian Government, it has attracted a lot of criticism due to a wide of range of social, political, economic and environmental costs associated with it.

This project is the first ever inter-state river linking project in India. Retrieved 29 August Interlinking the rivers could be a very good solution to combat the situiation of floods and drought affecting the different parts of the country.