Hello friends, My opinion in this topic is that a beauty contest is a way for women to improve their skills and a life changing opportunity for them, we all know how is the condition of women in our culture, it’s a good way to empowered them and also makes self dependent, they are also inspiration for upcoming generation. High School English essays. It is undoubtedly a platform for young girls to achieve a lot in life. If she participates without any external additions or supplements and strives to express her personality honestly in front of everyone then is good! The questions asked are very limited. This can lead to social, physical, mental, and health problems. Discussion Forums General Miscellaneous.

So I think exposing our beauty over outside world is unnecessary. We should learn technology skills from them not the manner of shorting dress because after all we are indians and we take our culture first then anything else. According to me beauty contests are not degrading womanhood. Everyone has put his points whatever you all think. Not only do they demand it, but they deserve it. Well renowned beauty pageants are Miss World, Miss Universe etc.

No, beauty contests do not degrade womanhood in any ways.

Do you think that beauty contest degrade womanhood?

Many smart girls who want to be an actress often don’t get chance. There should be no discrimination on the basis of body height, body color, age, ethnicity, region, language, culture, education, economy, etc. Beauty contest is not degrading womanhood, Everyone in the world wants to look smart and now in modern time every one is conscious about his or her dressing sense. I think the beauty contests are actually no reason behind the degradation of the womanhood.


From the increasing number of participants, and increasing number of such events even in village level, I feel that women at least participants do not consider beauty contests as bad or dishonouring. Similarly, why can we not give a prize to a beautiful woman based on her beauty, without implying that beauty is everything? Beauty contests in no way degrading the womanhood, but on the other side it is enhacing their professional career.

Its world of globalization.

Are beauty contests degrading womanhood? – Group Discussion

Beauty is naturally processing it’s not for publically shown and forget her own culture. It is not matter of degrading womanhood.

Beauty contests should not be limited to zero size figures and wearing short dresses. Take the initiative to participate and contribute your thoughts. I respect the viewpoints shared by my Co-mates. beaauty

Are beauty contests degrading womanhood?

The main thing is that we should not forget our culture because our country is known for their culture. An ordinary girl can get a celebrity status in no time.

Personally, I believe that a womanhood is defined by the woman. Discussion Forums General Miscellaneous.

I think, Beauty contest gives a unique platform to woman for her enhancement. So empowering women should be the main motto of these beauty contest.

Only that women doing who are deserving and who have profession not all. Whereas the beauty contests are a platform for the women to come out in front of the world and exhibit herself as the epitome of love, beauty, wit, empathy and patience.


Essay On Beauty Contests Degrade Womanhood

There are flaws in the beauty contests, but they encourage everyone that each individual has a special future. According to my opinion, a beauty contest is a platform where woman all over the world compete for the pregnant.

I don’t think that beauty contest is degrading womanhood. Everyone has put his points whatever you all think. It gives all the women more confidence to do something better for the country. It was always about the sex to them!!

essay on beauty contests degrade womanhood

Firstly, the beauty contests are about the beauty and the talent of the women in front of all her competitor. Why does that idea not sound as appealing as watching a contest for physical beauty? And in countries like Womahhood it is the myth about women that they have to depend on the male subordinates and these contests are the counter for these myths.

essay on beauty contests degrade womanhood

If women feel confident to express themselves, it is better for society development. Everyone should take them in a very good way. Its an opportunity to show talent for a talented girl on the other side during this contest many girls who didn’t win went in some wrong directions. Many women give up their religious and cultural sentiments to win the pageant! It give chances to woman to find their hidden qualities.

essay on beauty contests degrade womanhood