His dissertation was aligned with his clinical background: You can download forms to apply to graduate from the website of your major subject. What do I have to remember during the semester enrollment procedure? Preparing Dissertations for Electronic Submission. If the results that are missing in your transcript of records are visible in the online summary, they will be included in the next printed transcript of records. The deadline for registration is the end of the second week of the lecture period.

Autorennamen und persuasive essays on pro gay marriage Abstracts: Which one you in? To avoid conflicts, find out as soon as possible about the exam dates for the modules you have booked, particularly if you’re doing modules from different years of study in the same semester. Applications to graduate are validated by the Faculty of Science Committee for Student Affairs every month on the first working day ; your graduation documents will bear the date of the validation at which this took place. How many words should the dissertation be? Before submitting the thesis, PhD students must obtain 12 ECTS credits refer to the homepage of individual PhD programs for details and fulfill teaching requirements.

I’m unable to take an exam because of illness. If you have a minor of a different Faculty than MNF, the deadline is 2 weeks. Whatever the case, you can only start your Master’s thesis once you have completed your Bachelor’s.

In some cases transcripts for students at other faculties are printed and sent out earlier than this. All requests to schedule Doctoral Oral Examinations must be received by the Graduate School at Goodell Building one month prior to the exam date. We recommend doing semester enrollment as quickly as possible and paying the invoice for your semester fees immediately.

Checklist for PhD students

This proposal is for your use. These dates have been chosen so that Faculty of Science students’ transcripts include the results cissertation Faculty of Science module exams.


You’ll find the exam schedule and information on the written exams for lower-level modules for all study programs here. To enable credits from language courses to be transferred, please submit a copy of the certificate from the language center to the Faculty of Science Student Affairs Office, either at the counter or by post.

If you miss a repeat exam on the basis of a doctor’s note, you must book the module again via the online booking system and then take the exam or assessment on the regular date. You’ll find more information in the guidelines for each subject or from the academic advisor responsible.

Use this schedule template to help you to plan your dissertation writing process. For details including schedule, please refer to the attached files.

If you’ve registered correctly as a special student with ETH Zurich, the results of the learning units you have attended there will be automatically sent to the University of Zurich. Winterthurerstrasse french revolution 1st person essay If, on the other hand, you’re still enrolled as a Bachelor’s student but have fulfilled all the course requirements for graduation, you can still continue to study normally and start the modules for a Master’s degree. The fact sheet contains details of how to proceed.

Doctoral studies

Fornecido por Designed by: Registration is free of charge for University of Zurich students. Identify mnc topic area. Repeat exams are not tied to an exam period.

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As soon as you have fulfilled your planned teaching or additional teaching at least hoursfill out the form Summary of teaching activities PDF, KB and get it signed by your official PhD supervisor. Elder Caregiving Relational Ethics in Asymmetrical Relationships ix unizh dissertation Taking a doctorate at ETH Zurich is an excellent investment for your future scientific career With esl phd essay ghostwriters services doctoral students custom essay ghostwriter for hire gb out of a total of 18′ students.


Be sure to write your matriculation number and the name of the module concerned on the note. If you can’t make this deadline you must enroll for a further semester.

An example of a timetable for Masters to submission of your dissertation. Once results have been signed off by the ETH it takes a few days before dissfrtation results appear in your online summary of credits.

Dissertation Process, of Days, Due Date. You can start booking modules for the spring semester from the second week in January.

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A fact sheet is available containing general information on coordinating your studies with recruit school: If you don’t take a regular module exam on the basis of a doctor’s note, the regulations specify that you take it on the repeat date.

Semester enrollment takes place in the second half of May for the following fall semester, and in the second half of November for the following spring semester. The process for booking modules for the fall semester begins around the second week of August. Graduate students who plan to participate should follow the application disertation.

dissertation uzh mnf

Feb 28, 2pm, Dissertation Defense for Ruma Joshi. Once your application to graduate has been processed you’ll automatically receive a provisional confirmation.