Finally, look at the sequence of summary statements you wrote for each part. Shopping decisions are affected by a variety of cultural influences. They resort to cajoling the child with reasons that they think will resonate with their child: China has the right policy when it comes to foreign trade. In Chapter 1, we learned that the purpose of critical economic writing is to communicate the results of your thinking to others, and that to communicate clearly and effectively it is important for your writing to have a well-defined and separate introduction, body, and conclusion. You are the special assistant to Dr. A frame of reference is relevant if it has a significant and demonstrable bearing on the issue at hand.

However, often times the issue is up to you. However, there are likely to be other reputable publications that could be used as well. Socialism, by contrast, is an economic system in which the means of production are owned by some form of public organization, decisions are made primarily by those organizations, and income accrues to people based on some publicly established criterion such as the amount of labor time contributed. Remember, however, that economic writing is functional writing that seeks to convey information and persuade people of particular points through rational economic arguments. Do you think the US Congress should have raised the minimum wage? Analyze one or more of the cases below your professor may have further instructions about this by discussing them with your fellow students.

This book focuses on how economists think, and it can be used thinikng as a complement to a standard economics textbook which focuses on the subject of economics or as a standalone text for those who already know something of economics and wish to improve their ability to use and apply that knowledge. You are the special assistant to Dr. Describe the standard way to organize your economic writing in order to effectively communicate.

From a positive economic thinking perspective, sociology and anthropology have, for example, given economists a richer understanding of the process of human immigration.


Critical Thinking in Economics

If you are doing this exercise as part of a course, your professor may want to provide additional guidance in choosing the topic and the sources so that this exercise fits more closely with the other objectives of your course. It differs from The Economist in not necessarily adhering to 19th century liberal views.

critical thinking in economics dennis patrick leyden

And sometimes students may find themselves overwhelmed by the volume of information. Please lyden a thinming ZIP Code. Follow up by asking why it is an important concept in economics. Often, determining the relevancy of a frame of reference is one of degree rather than being simply right or wrong.

Explain why it is relevant, and evaluate the extent to which it is accurate and logical, deep, and broad. Thus, for example, a business concerned about production would be efficient if it produced as much as possible from a given set of inputs. But the returns to those efforts are enormous. The Language of Mathematics: Travel abroad, especially if you are immersed in other cultures, gives you new ways of looking at the world and forces you to examine your old frame of reference.

While the Federal government did run a deficit, it was actually larger in than it was in See Levitt and Dubner Just pull one off, eat it, and repeat until you are satisfied.

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Marshall is noted for being the author of the first modern principles of economics text and for working to make economics more scientifically rigorous through the use of mathematics though interestingly he believed that textbooks should focus on verbal translations of the mathematics to make the material accessible to a broader audience.

A standard, useful form of organization common in economics and in business is to break your material into three distinct parts: For example, the economic question of whether to open a new franchise coffee shop could be lyeden from: Then go back through the statements and do the following: It is available in a number of forms, both hard copy and online.


The reason for this is that often times they learned the material by rote rather than understanding the logic of the material they have studied. North Korea will have to improve its human rights record if it hopes to increase trade with the rest of the world.

Each of these proposals should include at least one specific action that they could take along with an explanation as to why it would help IU.

Critical Thinking in Economics

This is what is known tihnking economics as diminishing marginal productivity, that is, the machine is more efficient at the beginning of making a batch of a particular output than it is as total production of that output goes up. Planning needs to take place.

Why is it true? This exercise gives you the opportunity to practice participating in a relatively simple case discussion.

critical thinking in economics dennis patrick leyden

By separating your positive arguments from your normative arguments analysis, putting your positive arguments first, and breaking your work into labeled sections, you break your overall argument into smaller pieces that will be easier for your reader to follow.

It turns out that there are some basic standards for making that judgment: Freakonomics was written by Steven Levitt, the student of Becker who is now a professor of economics at the University of Chicago, and the journalist Stephen Dubner.

Seller assumes all responsibility for this listing. Read the box that contains some details about the lives of Mill and of Marshall. You and I may agree, for example, that our company should pursue profits and help out the local community yet disagree on the extent of that community involvement or how much in the way of profits should be sacrificed to pay for that community involvement.