It did say notifications went out today. By using this site, you agree to our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Just sent my join request too. This is my first time applying to MFA programs. For a genre writer, you might think about avoiding programs which are known to be overly competitive, because that can put people in survival mode and make them a bit cliquey and non-inclusive.

Sign up for a new account in our community. Got a mail from Graduate Program Coordinator – “The results will be finalized by the end of the week. Why does it make you feel it’s so awful? Who doesn’t want teachers like that? Is anyone who was accepted planning to go elsewhere? Best of luck to all the applicants.

Some will be acceptances, most will be formal rejections. I am a year out of college, so by the time of Fall I will be two years out. Rejected via form email. Saw a couple admits a while ago, does anyone know if their protocol is to ghost rejected applicants? Anyone else not hear from Rutgers Newark? Creative Writing MFA applicants forum By mjmJanuary 29 in Literary creative writing mfa masters fine arts english literary poetry fiction.


Who doesn’t want teachers like that? How many times have you applied before?

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I applied to the 5 that I said before. I really do hope you’re right with all my heart!

Your query for Creative Writing Mfa produced 1, results. A little disappointed, but I understand, and I’m really grateful for the acceptances Jfa have!

Creative Writing Graduate School Admission Results

I mean it could be great time to make life long friendship but it could be disaster gradcafee things go wrong. For those of you who have received a rejection letter from Iowa via postal wriing your application status on the portal still say “In Progress”?

Really happy to see this thread! Posted February 22, I applied to Indiana Bloomington and saw a bunch of poetry acceptances on the results page, so I’m assuming another rejection will be headed my way soon. I have been freaking out so much, I have to remind myself to breathe. To the poetry waitlist below: If anyone is interested, my friend and I created a creative writing Facebook support page not specifically MFA targeted.

Mentioned the waitlist is “very short” and they don’t give out the numerical position as a policy. Saw the other wait-listed applicant for USF, and I checked my email. I’m so pleased, so anxious, and so very hopeful.


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Reading a regular book in a modern vernacular might not be a big deal. Please let us know what you think on the Forum or Email Us. Listed classes that accepted students could attend on campus incl. All the best to everyone else who applied!

Mfa Creative Writing Graduate School Admission Results

It’s a new season for applying MFA! It’s a really cool town, and incredibly beautiful. For those accepted to CSU, have you heard back about funding? Does anyone know more about Brown’s Cross-Disciplinary program, I see that they only accept one student It did say notifications went out today.

On the basis of their recommendation, your application has been denied. Very nice and respectful form e-mail. Accepted off the waitlist!

creative writing mfa gradcafe

Posted January 11, If you were accepted by Cornell, pls pls plssss decide soon.