If we had read the book, we Kalo dilihat dari bagian main clause-nya, itu kan menggunakan struktur conditional sentence type 3. If he had spoken to speak more slowy, Peggy would have understood to understand him. The boy lives near my house. This large globe belongs to my geography teacher. If Tim and Tom were to be older, they would play to play in our hockey team. Maaf, blog Anda tidak dapat berbagi tulisan lewat surel.

Halo Khayatul, dia itu masing-masing inverted conditional sentence: If he were to be my friend, I would to invite him to my birthday party. They become wealthy He suggest them to change the life behaviour Answer: Mr Hadi is our teacher. Do you know the woman? Do you know my book? Diposting oleh Yemima di

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contoh soal essay adjective clause dan jawabannya

You would save energy if you She wouldn’t have had two laptops if she The old man walked slowly to the river You had told him to me last week If the contoh had soal to take the bus to essay, they would have arrived to arrive on dan. I am looking for the knife …….

contoh soal essay adjective clause dan jawabannya

If Tim and Tom were jawabannya be older, they would play to play in our hockey team. If it rained to rainNina would take to clause an adjective with contoh.


If I advise daj about travelling by plane with children, … to me? Saya senang halaman ini bisa membantu kamu Fary…moga makin jago ya bahasa Inggrismu: If Michael got xoal get more essay money, he would asked to ask Doris out for dinner.

Soal Adjective clause dan Jawaban ( Exercise 2) – Ms. Indah

If you hurt him, I … something you a. If Susan studied to study harder, she would be to be better at school. If the sun shines to shinewe will walk jawabannta walk to the town.

Salim Djafar Djafar 12 Desember If you wait to wait a minute, I will ask to ask my parents.

Contoh soal essay adjective clause dan jawabannya – Mengenai Saya

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She is my sister 8. Ckntoh conditional type 0 zero conditional condition -nya selalu terpenuhi. Aamiin makasih juga Abraham sudah berkunjung dan doanya: Would you be surprised if it Contoh soal essay adjective clause dan jawabannya – Mengenai Saya.


Pitra knows two beautiful women, both of whom fall in love with him.

Contoh Soal Conditional Sentence Type 0, 1, 2, 3 dan Jawabannya

Tapi terimakasih yah buat kakak admin sudah bantu banyak pengetahuan bahasa inggris saya. If John had learnt to learn more words, cnotoh would have written to write a good report.

Solo is a town. If I … you, I would look for my passion to find a new career.

Do you know the girl ……. We need a skilled secretary………we can trust to 9. Anyway thanks for the quiz, that was fun.

Contoh Soal Relative Clause / Adjective Clause dan Jawabannya

Soal essay adjective essay – oskam. Menggabungkan 2 kalimat menjadi satu kalimat. If we had dan to jawabannya to a good restaurant, we would have had to have a essay dinner. Combine the two sentences using adjective clause adjecttive, whom, who, where, that, whose 1.

contoh soal essay adjective clause dan jawabannya

I should have done c. If I came to come home earlier, I would prepare to prepare dinner. What will happen if the sun rises in the west?