Thanks for such a great resource! Kin January 18, at Statistics — H — Box Plots v2. Saved me loads of time. A triangle made by radii form an Isosceles triangle. This is probably the best way to revise for exams. From finding the circumference and area of circles to problem solving and investigation.

Firstly, I would find a practice set of questions which would not provide enough questions for a pupil to practise one particular problem type. Is there anyway that you can create your own GCSE Mathematics Exam Papers by using the same style of questions from the specimen papers. Have you got a log in for Exam Wizard … you can create papers using that. Thank you Mel for all the efforts you are putting in. Sandie February 13, at JustMathsMel January 7, at 9: Legend27 January 3, at 5:

A video from Simon Clark presenting a deep but accessible account of the history of pi. Ratio — H — Proportional Reasoning v2.

Algebra Christmas Tree Problem Foundation. I am doing the new GCSE and many of the questions that popped up are on this website!

Anonymous March 8, at A April 9, at Sorry not to be more helpful. My class and I really enjoy doing the crcle.


circle theorems homework tes

Much appreciated thank you. A brief walk through history leads them to find out how to use this knowledge and a more accurate version of pi to find the circumference and areas of circles.

Year 11 Circle Theorems – Question Sheets and Mark Scheme. All grade 7, 8 and 9 questions

Thanks for the endless and incredible effort. Have particularly enjoyed KIM’s game, as we have not used that for Mathematics before.

circle theorems homework tes

M Parekh December 11, at 6: Is this a mistake or am I going mad? JustMathsMel May 8, at 9: Yomework Hoyle December 10, at 4: March 14th is Pi Day.

Fantastic way to engage the pupils at the start of a lesson. Circle Parts Kim’s Game: Emily Crompton March 9, at 9: Proof of Circle Theorems: Index of Advanced Starters Suggested Proof of Circle Theorems Bomework the stages of the proofs for the standard circle theorems in the correct order.

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Just what we need. A challenging activity in which students study the given diagram and use the given angles to identify circel other angles in the diagram. Here’s a useful counterintuitive fact: Anonymous May 10, at 3: Only recently been discovered but is used daily with all my classes. A memory game to be projected to help the whole class revise the names for the parts of a circle.


I rate this site as a 5! Possibly not, but the wording seems that way.

Circle Theorems

Do you have all of the papers in a zip file or do they need to be downloaded separately? A video features maths-loving author Alex Bellos. Statistics — H theogems Box Plots v2. It is always useful to receive feedback and helps make this free resource even more useful for those learning Mathematics anywhere in homesork world.

Firstly, such a problem type would be testing their ability to determine the circle theorem being applied in the question.