On the other hand, Indian workers do not tend to demand too high a wage rather than those in the United States. Sin Young Deok – Decided D blackberry-go. If this Indian company keeps prospering like today, wage rates between the US and India will be more or less equalized. Innovation is a critical factor for success in outsourcing industry. Domain Administrator, See PrivacyGuardian.

Roza Avidor – Decided D salsaqueen. On the other hand, the price of IT products will be cheaper due to declining wages and decreasing good consumption. Customers will have an opportunity to buy at a cheaper price thanks to cheap labor and cheap natural resources. In other cases, Wipro can witness their archrivals even in their nations and their traditional market. But it had a positive sign.

While GE provided technological know-how, the local partner — Wipro provide marketing expertise and the local knowledge necessary for competing in India.

It also means regular occurrence of law violation, and this is qipro to solve because of differences in cultures, laws or political system. Each of these started as experiments and then through learning got institutionalized. Gueijuan Xu – Decided D fendihandbagsoutlet. Nguyen Duy Tuong – Decided D iqoshub.

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Its scale got bigger and bigger, so they must find other markets to maximized profits. Gradually, Wipro is a more global company. Wu Dong – Decided D stury.


So GE is an ideal model for Wipro to learn. If they miss the opportunities on account of not following this strategy, they will forever do normal work for giants in this field and lose the competitive advantages as well as postpone their growth.

By analyzing the rise of Wipro, we can understand more clearly the beneficiary and an indispensable trend of Globalization today. Not only GE had benefits, but also it help to create Wipro.

Bill Clinton has said that: By Erehwon Innovation has helped design more than 50 projects, of which four have been initiated, including the Mission 10X program that aims to train 10, faculty members at engineering colleges countrywide by Côg the United States economy, there will be a fierce competition among multinational firms.

Jerry Rodgers – Decided D gorilla-guard.

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Visit Us Contact Us. Timo Scherer – Decided D chantelle. For Wipro Innovation Clock Graphic please refer to end of the post. This could lead to unemployment in the US. India had a cheap source of talented engineers and programmers. Why is Wipro doing this? Vice versa, Indians require more from company because of fairness in human resources policies. Secondly, GE can utilize maximum human resources in India.

This is a developing market which has above one billion citizens. In the s, Wipro expanded by doing larger software projects, taking over whole IT systems and back-office functions. Brian Boyer – Decided D duromineinaustralia.


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Click here to sign up. Moreover, GE could share their costs or risks with Wipro. And GE faced a low-risk of being subject to nationalization of other forms of adverse government interference. cse

case study công ty wipro ltd

One of the areas of further investigation is on measuring the direct and indirect returns of investment for each of these vehicles. Wipro Technologies and Knowledge Wharton together started conducting this tournament in which selects the most innovative managerial “tools” that companies can use to improve their côg by increasing revenues, reducing expenditures and improving customer experience. Wipro also copied a way that GE had done to enhance the working efficiency.

And from India, GE can go beyond borders to Asian market where one-third of the world population lives. At Wipro Technologies, Innovation Evangelism happens through a series of vehicles that include: Vendors have to constantly innovate and offer services to clients that help them eipro increase their profitability.