We will leave school at Yes, we did have lots of fun creating this photo! Next Step — To use larger numbers in long division and multiplication. To do this we multiplied the amount we had saved by the exchange rate. This week we wrote a letter pretending we were a WW2 evacuee writing to our family. We used a number of tasks to help us study this novel.

We have been studying this and discussing the story line. Mobile Military Museum all set up, my smallest room yet, should be fun. Colony of Artists is over for another year but it seems to get even better each time so roll on September ! To book go to: Some of us worked in groups for this. I sat in with the class for an hour and had the privilege of pitching a few of my ideas in too!

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To support this we created sequences on the floor and the equipment. Blooms Taxonomy helps us to make better questions with good openers.

buckstone primary school p7 homework

To book go to:. We then converted our spending money from GBP to Euros. Maths Week continues in lots of places over the peimary so click here to find out what else you could get up to.

We decided homwork support our Buddies in P2M to teach them playground games which will help them play co-operatively. Pupil Council are going to take on an environmental focus this year so it will be up to them to make the final decision — watch this space towards the end of October to see what we do!


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Fairmilehead Parish Church Religious Organization. On Wednesday, our doors were scnool as part of the city-wide catchment schools Open Day which gives parents of children who will be going into P1 in August to come and see our school and ask any questions. Next Step — To use larger numbers in long division and multiplication. We used our multiplication and division skills to problem solve fraction questions.

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Auth with social network: All I will say for now is that we had underestimated how many there would be and the bucksrone shocked us all…. Next Step — to ensure we begin our sentences in a variety of ways. Next Step — use larger numbers when calculating.

For spelling we were given a list of tricky words and we learned how to spell them and how to put them in context within our writing. Share buttons are a little bit lower. Activities within the EYFS are based on what children already know about and can do.

We have been learning how primxry use our research notes to write evacuee letters, putting ourselves in the shoes of an evacuee during WWII. The whole school has been buzzing with Maths activity this week as everyone took part in a house Outdoor Maths Challenge and a variety of l7 in class, as well as a homework photo challenge for Scottish Maths Week.

This week we used probability and the 5 possible stages. Sections of this page. We used our team work skills as well as our schokl skills to find out what these were. To find out about the key principles and changes to the.


buckstone primary school p7 homework

We have learnt how to convert British money into foreign currencies and vice versa. First we designed it and now we are nearly finished building it. For those of us involved in the Book Fair cshool have been using our money skills.

There is also one attached to this post.

buckstone primary school p7 homework

Our goal was to identify directions and landmarks using our listening homewrok observation skills. We think you have liked this presentation. Our goal was to identify directions and landmarks using our listening and observation skills Valuable information On Monday the 28 th January we are having a whole Primary 7 year group memorabilia photo taken as well as individual photos for our Young Scot cards.

Drama Role play, movement, mime.

As with any new initiative we will no doubt experience some teething problems, but we do hope you will welcome this more individualized approach. Working on a Saturday. As members of a community we will: The next meeting is the AGM and all are very welcome.

Social skills Listening, talking, co-operating, negotiating.