I highly recommend them and it’s a good way to get your mind thinking when you’re unable to code or to pick you up when you’ve just studied for way too many days in a row and need to not look at a screen. I am working as a Software Test Analyst by the way and am thinking of moving into programming. Id like to know the best books for c so i can study more? You will learn faster and more effectively if you take it upon yourself to teach yourself. I am although going thru all your training videos and I am still under training. Actually, my personal regret: Looking for the source code for this course to download?

Definitely recommend that a beginner avoid that second Microsoft Virtual Academy link. I tried doing this but did not seem to work int x; int y; Console. Sorry, couldn’t find it in your links. The yellow book is a god place to start to give you some fundamentals. As for C specifically, go ahead and download Visual Studio Community not , I’ve heard about crashing issues. I have recently watched mod 7 branching with the if decision statement

This is a subreddit for learning programming, not a “critique my project” or “advertise my project” subreddit.

I would like to hear from Microsoft about products, services, and events, including the tabof solutions, tips, and exclusive offers. So, again, you’re doing it right.

bob tabor c# homework

What are you thoughts on which language I should purse first? To sum it all up, thank you for everything hhomework do for us “students” – this must use up a lot of your time.

Links would be great!


Maybe the answer to my question become clear as well later on? Since most things you do inherit from monobehavior several things will throw you off 1 you are in a constant loop 2 initialization is very different your class is a game object component which means you initialize it by creating the game object or adding a component to an existing gameobject 3 no constructors have to fake it with Start and Awake 4 everything is a field you almost never use properties even though you expose the fields 5 calling other monobehavior classes is very different than normal c.

Your explanation is very clear and extremely detailed. You can still watch videos, but to take advantage of all of your member benefits, try again when the upgrade is complete. Hi Bob, no doubt u r an amazing instructor. Description Welcome to this series of lessons about the C programming language.

Thank you again for your comment. The things it doesn’t “include” are simply other services you have access through via MSDN, such as foundation server and what have you, but even if you set those up separately Community edition still supports them.


Welcome to Microsoft Virtual Academy! We’ll cover several different types of iteration statements throughout this series, starting with the for iteration statement. What i mean is, that if i learn to properly construct and form one type of environment, like ASP.

I am not sure if this is the same question SkyeBlue asked, but I don’t think so.

bob tabor c# homework

Ive looked on the MS virtual academy site too. But it might be a close call. Add to your Playlist. It is so much fun being able to write your own applications that do what you want them to do.


bob tabor c# homework

I will say this: Hey Bob This homewor an amazing series, ive learnt so much, so many thanks. You’ve reached the maximum number of courses 10 that can be added to a playlist. You say thank you at the end of each video, but I should be thanking you!

for Iterations – 08 | C# Fundamentals: Development for Absolute Beginners | Channel 9

I mean after this fundamentals, whats next? Hope to see more of your videos.

Unity’s classes come straight from the bowels of hell. That being said, your new line of videos about learning ASP. Please give me the location of the exact location of the zip files needed for the lessons.

Hello {0}, thanks for registering!

I highly recommend them and it’s a good way to get your mind thinking when you’re unable to code or to pick you up when you’ve just studied for way too many days in a row and need to not look at a screen. Perhaps after a while contribute to some simple projects on github, or create your own and get some feedback. Do not include a link to a final product or to a demo in your post. But I feel like most programming in Unity is extending their main class MonoBehavior?