Burstein’s notebook entries and he has done so. It may also be “helpful” to ask whether there was a “teaching, suggestion, or motivation to combine known elements” that would have rendered an invention obvious “the TSM test”. Specialized diodes, Part 1: In particular, although Defendants expressly referred to these appendices in their Opposition brief, which was filed on September 10, , they failed to serve them on Plaintiff until September 16, and did not file them until the next day. First, it asserts that it is entitled to summary judgment that the Flip-Chip Claims are not obvious because Defendants have failed to produce evidence that it would have been obvious to combine flip-chip packaging with an integrated circuit containing a power switch for a voltage regulator, especially in light of undisputed evidence that at the time of the invention, technical challenges and drawbacks associated with the use of flip-chip packaging in an integrated circuit chip including a power switch for a voltage regulator were well-known to those skilled in the art and that the prior art taught away from such a combination.

Volterra asserts that Sicard does not meet this claim limitation because no UMB layer is disclosed. Song titles in mla essay. That document is an email message by Alan King listing “Volterra people. As to Defendants’ assertion that Dr. At the request of the parties, the Court issued a supplemental claim construction order on June 9, , construing the claim term “fabricated on a surface of the substrate.

Volterra asserts that “voluminous” prior art references anthong its position that COB meant wire bonding, including the following prior art cited by Defendants: Szepesi’s opinions concerning the meaning of the word “layer” as applied to Sicard may have implications as to infringement, the Court does not find that the dictionary definitions offered by Dr.

Defendants object to Volterra’s reliance on dictionary definitions of the words “layer” and “bump” in Dr. Baker, who testified strarakos the Stratakos Thesis “does not tell how to implement a flip-chip on an integrated circuit chip in a flip-chip package. Szepesi’s opinions regarding the other notebook entries cited by Dr. Szepesi relies on the dictionary definitions to which Defendants object in support of his opinions on invalidity, rather than claim construction, this evidence is outside the ambit of Patent Local Rule Szepesi’s declaration as Exhibits A through C are admissible because: From this figure, it can be seen anthonny the areas Dr.


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The standard regarding obviousness is set forth in 35 U. Volterra objects to the following evidence offered by Defendants in support of their Reply briefs on their Sicard and Stratakos SJ Motions: Third, Volterra cites to Defendants’ failure to disclose to the Court at the July 29, hearing their new theory of non-infringement, even though Dr.

Second, he points to the disclosures in the specification and claims of the Sicard Patent to show that the Sicard invention was neither intended to be, nor is appropriate for, a switching regulator application. Stratakos’ Thesis in the U. Accordingly, Volterra is entitled to summary judgment that those claims are infringed by the accused products. But I think the process only operate on max. In paragraphs of his opposition declaration, Dr.

Volterra argues that Defendants should not be allowed to rely on the PTO decisions relating to the reexamination request to establish materiality because they did not identify these decisions in their interrogatory responses. Fair, these are doped regions that make up the “second plurality of doped regions,” and further, they are arranged in an “alternating pattern,” as can be seen from the same diagram.

As discussed above with reference to prior art references cited by Defendants in support of their Opposition briefs, the Court finds that Defendants are prohibited, under the Patent Local Rules, from relying on prior art that was not disclosed in their invalidity contentions to show invalidity.

anthony stratakos thesis

Poe a collection of critical essays pdf. First, there is no indication that Defendants’ omission was willful. Stratakos’ deposition also did not relate to the BIT-Buck voltage regulator.

anthony stratakos thesis

Fair’s expertise, are not helpful and invade the province of the trier of fact. In support of this assertion, Volterra points out that the Strqtakos Article lacks any explanation of how one of skill in the art would implement a flip-chip type integrated circuit including a power switch for a voltage regulator, together with the other elements of claims 9, 11, and of the ‘ Patent.


Fair that there are doped regions at the surface of the substrate shown in Figure 6 that would be considered a “second plurality of doped tjesis.

Anthony stratakos thesis

To anticipate such a claim, the prior art must disclose the recited function identically. A limitation is “inherent” if it is “necessarily present” in the prior art invention. The Court finds that this evidence is sufficient to create an issue of fact as to the April conception date and the September 5, reduction to practice date. See In re Wyer, F.

In Bristol-Myers Squibb Co. In addition, under Graham courts are to consider “secondary considerations” that may be relevant to obviousness, such as “commercial success” and “long felt but unsolved needs.

As noted above, both parties seek summary judgment on the question of whether the Stratakos Article anticipates independent claim 9 or dependent claims 11, 16, 17, 18 and 19 of the ‘ Patent.

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The defendants asserted that the claim was anticipated on the basis of an earlier patent which disclosed a device that they asserted could function as an optical waveguide, even though the prior art patent did not call the device an optical waveguide. Further, even where both materiality and intent to deceive are established by clear and convincing evidence, the court may decline to find a patent unenforceable on the basis of inequitable conduct.

anthony stratakos thesis

Following a bench trial, the trial court held that the paper did not anticipate the patent because it did not teach one of skill in the art how to make the compound at issue, rejecting the testimony tbesis by the accused infringer that a person skilled in stratkos art would know how to make the compound.

Szepesi’s July 14, invalidity report, arguing that this extrinsic evidence was not timely disclosed under Patent Local Rule