Complementing CanNor’s contribution programs and NPMO , the Agency uses its policy and research capacity to examine and assess economic issues and opportunities. With these highlights in mind, I encourage you to read further about how CanNor continues to advance economic development and long-term prosperity for Northerners. CanNor continues to undertake research and engagement to foster its in-depth understanding of the changing northern context and the impacts of the global economy. Return to endnote 24 referrer. CanNor makes interventions to foster the growth and prosperity of small and medium enterprises SMEs through application-based contribution programs. With the identification of new opportunities, the five-year renewal strategy focuses on aligning research efforts with community economic benefits. NPMO continued efforts to advance northern major projects as efficiently as possible by providing a coordinated whole-of-government approach to managing major projects.

CanNor officials and the Minister attended more than a dozen conferences and trade shows in the North and across Canada, communicating the priorities and accomplishments of the Agency to foster a prosperous North. The Department of Finance Canada publishes cost estimates and projections for these measures annually in the Tax Expenditures and Evaluations Endnote 24 publication. Often, these investments are a catalyst to others to invest additional funds in support of CanNor funding — a reflection of the importance of partnerships and aligning efforts that is characteristic of working in the North. The implementation of new financial and travel systems at the end of helps to ensure rigorous controls over financial management and reporting. CanNor’s performance measurement strategies and indicators are updated systematically as programs are renewed. As identified in the Management Action Plan Endnote 4 which was developed in response to an audit conducted by the Office of the Auditor General OAG in , CanNor has addressed concerns raised regarding contribution programs delivery. Part II Main Estimates lists the financial resources required by individual departments, agencies and Crown corporations for the upcoming fiscal year.

A decrease in Aboriginal economic development community planning investments relative to business investments. Tax Expenditures and Evaluations publication.

aandc departmental business plan

CanNor’s financial statements can be found on the Agency’s website. Return to endnote 1 referrer.

ARCHIVED – Canadian Northern Economic Development Agency – 2013-14 Departmental Performance Report

Through Strategic Investments in Northern Economic Development SINEDa contributions program focused on economic development in the territories, CanNor makes investments in Innovation and Knowledge activities — such as studies to better understand and assess economic opportunities, information-sharing workshops and conferences, and development of marketing materials.


This work influenced the inclusion of an infrastructure category known as “northern infrastructure”, which is only applicable in departnental Territories and provides more flexibility to northern governments in terms of infrastructure priorities. Slowdowns, particularly in the resource exploration sector, can lead to downturns in the secondary industries that support this exploration, such as transport, food and camp services, and procurement.

The Agency implemented standardized business processes and built its policy and economic research functions to establish goals and priorities. The project built upon Cape Dorset’s international reputation in the arts and crafts sector and served as a milestone for moving the project forward from a conceptual standpoint to full construction. RDAGs enable proponents to present their proposed projects to, and seek feedback from, the relevant regulatory boards and federal and territorial departments and agencies in advance of entering the review process.

ARCHIVED – Canadian Northern Economic Development Agency – Departmental Performance Report

The research has included comparative analysis of taxation policy, regulatory policy, and barriers to investment. The website provides links and useful information on a broad range of socio-economic topics linked to the CanNor mandate and the North in general.

Another contribution funding program, the Community Infrastructure Improvement Fund CIIFprovides funding for the rehabilitation or improvement, including the expansion, of existing community infrastructure facilities such as community centres, recreational facilities and other existing community infrastructure assets that have a local community impact such as local roads, drinking water treatment aahdc distribution systems, solid waste management and wastewater infrastructure.

Janet King Ministerial Portfolio: NPMO also hosted eight Resource Development Advisory groups to bring together project proponents and regulators to provide avenues for information sharing, relationship building, and efficiency early in the regulatory review phase of major projects.

President’s Message As President, I am pleased to report on CanNor’s accomplishments and on the programs and services that were delivered in in collaboration with northern partners. Under the auspices of Canada’s chairmanship of the Arctic Council, the Agency headed a Task Force that facilitated the development of the Arctic Economic Council, which will foster business development in the Arctic by engaging in circumpolar cooperation, while providing a business perspective to the Council’s work.

CanNor’s funding programs are proposal-driven; therefore, some years some programs may be under-subscribed or, as is the case inover-subscribed.

In addition, to improve the project agreement process, new streamlined templates were developed, which are now comprised of two parts: CanNor funding provided assistance to an Aboriginal entrepreneur for the development of a business plan plab valuation to acquire an established seamstress business in Whitehorse.


Legal and statutory risks relate to legislation, regulation, dpeartmental decisions, major policy initiatives and constitutionally protected comprehensive land claim agreements, as well as First Nations government arrangements. Performance agreements were also put in place for employees, and financial resources were provided to support employees with their learning and development.

This activity and other aspects of CanNor’s operations are informed through economic research and analysis, and by monitoring economic issues and opportunities on an ongoing basis.

While the Agency has sought client satisfaction feedback in the past in relation to other Programs and Sub-Programs, no such structured feedback was sought in in terms of Policy performance. Project-specific technical working groups related to particular aspects of a project were also organized to facilitate the sharing of information between the proponents, federal and territorial departments, Aboriginal governments and organizations, and the appropriate review board.

Return to endnote 22 referrer. Inthe Policy performance indicator was under review and the target was under development. Archived information is provided for reference, research or record keeping purposes.

During the reporting year, CanNor developed new on-line application forms which assist recipients to provide required information for project assessment.

aandc departmental business plan

This tool is used to track projects, record industry interactions and depqrtmental specific project issues as well as more general industry issues, thus providing a foundation for analysis.

As well, the Agency works to integrate economic development strategies within the federal government, across jurisdictions, and with other key economic players, including the private sector and Aboriginal communities.

Deepening knowledge of the particular economic challenges and opportunities facing the territories reduces business risks depargmental areas such as marketing, planning and financing, while innovative technological and strategic responses to northern realities improve productivity. Economic development is an outcome that departmenta subject to external market forces. The supplementary information tables listed in the —14 Departmental Performance Report can be found on the Canadian Northern Economic Development Agency’s website.

This work was instrumental to form the basis for launching a renewal process for the sunsetting program.